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In this storycast we talk about Winter Tales and read excerpts from two of the stories.

Winter Tales Customer Reviews:

On Voice of Fire:

I Love the concept of music being held within the memory of the tree.  Thank you so much for the beautiful book!  I will treasure it for years to come.  Please keep writing! You are  damn good at it!! 

On Where the Snow Folk Live:

I've read and re read "Where The Snow Folk Live."
I feel like I have one of those huge and heavy fairytale books from my childhood. The book with stories that mesmerize. Tales for special occasions only. Reading your story Is like uncovering  a mystical passage and discovering a book that was hidden in order to preserve its secrets. 
And that is what great storytelling does!!!  Bravo
The  characters (in addition to the letters) really add to that story and the look of the page . They Create visual interest for me.

On Cup of Cheer:

"Cup of Cheer" is my favorite of the three stories. For me it's like Jack and the Beanstalk and the Snow Queen went on a road trip and met the Star Trek crew. I love the idea of the "mixture of cultural anomalies."  

Pegana Press Books

A page from Winter Tales under Christmas Tree lights.  Appropriate, since Cup of Cheer is a story about returning to the Northern Lights.

Winter Tales

3 original short stories with a winter theme

Available in chapbook from Pegana Press for midwinter

The Voice of Fire

Where the Snow Folk Live

Cup of Cheer

Inspired by the elements of fire and ice, these three original stories of fantasy evoke the spirit of winter.

Letterpress printed on snowy white Hahnemuhle German paper using Van Son's blue ink from Holland.   ​A combination of Goudy Franciscan and Friar types were used with a cursive Civilite for story titling.   Limited to 50 numbered copies and hand sewn in linen and silk threads.

Winter Tales chapbook cover with ornate titling in blue ink on paper of softest grey. Reminiscent of late afternoon shadows on snow.  

Written by Rita Tortorello for Pegana Press.

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