...but above the thunder undisturbed the GODS prepared the things that are to be...

                       excerpt from THE FALSE GODS 1911.

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Deluxe Hardback Edition
​Bound in double woven blue-black linen cloth, with Nepalese Peacock Endpapers, ornate front cover inset pastedown and spine title.



Chapbook Edition.

​Hand sewn on heavy French Lilac  paper covers, with ornate printed front titling.


 Lost Tales Volume 4

Tales that have been dreaming in Dunsany Castle for 102 years.  This new edition of unpublished stories include several intended for the 70 Tales Edition, which became 51 Tales in 1915 due to wartime paper shortages. The Estate has graciously provided us these unpublished stories and they are presented here for the first time.

A very rare watercolour Sidney Sime from 1925 will be the frontispiece illustration.  

Introduction by Douglas A. Anderson.

Table of Contents

The Mystery of the Invisible Letters 1947 Unpublished

His Lone Interest 1955 Unpublished

At the Inn of the Two Adventurers 1956 Uncollected

The Cycle of The Gods

   The False Gods 1911 Unpublished

   The True Gods 1911 Unpublished

   The Unknown and the Earth-Gods 1911 Unpublished

    A Vision 1912 Unpublished

The House Called Life 1910 Unpublished

Death and the Poet 1909 Unpublished

​​Available in a Deluxe Hardback or Chapbook Edition, uniform with The Lost Tales Series. Letterpress Printed on creamy white Hahnemuhle watermarked Ingres paper and strictly limited to 80 hand numbered copies.

   Lord Dunsany ~ The Lost Tales Series from Pegana Press

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