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Lord Dunsany - The Emperor's Crystal & Other Lost Tales Volume II

This volume includes nine stories, eight of which were retrieved from their original magazine publications,  and one newly discovered unpublished story provided by Dunsany Castle.    Featuring the historic release of an illustration by Lord Dunsany.    Introduction by Darrell Schweitzer.   Limited to 92 numbered copies.  Printed on Hahnemuhle dove gray paper.  In 2 color-1920 Era Black Ink for text and Reflex Blue for ornaments and titles.  Typeset with Goudy Franciscan & Friar Typefaces. 


This volume is only available to purchase as part of  the three volume box set.

Ireland was crawling with snakes, and every one of them angry.  From Researches into Irish History, a humorous encounter between Saint Patrick and Satan written by Lord Dunsany.  This story appears in...

The Emperor's Crystal and Other Lost Tales volume 2 by Lord Dunsany

  • From magazines like Smart Set and Vanity Fair we bring you seven classic Dunsany stories published between 1915 and 1919.   Such intriguing titles as The Greatest Painter In The World, A Walk In The Wastes Of Time, and The House Of The Idol Carvers ​to name a few.
  • The title story-The Emperor's Crystal-appeared in the campus newspaper of Trinity College Dublin in 1920.
  • The book ends with The Secret Order, a story written in the spring of 1909, but never before published .
  • An original drawing by Lord Dunsany was provided by Dunsany Castle for our frontispiece.

One evening not far on in the Season of Fading of Willows, Hsu He and Peng Yuen went together to the garden of Cheng Hi and found him in contemplation of the beauty of the moon.  And, having made little reverence, they asked of him each a question.  --Lord Dunsany/from Cheng Hi and the Window Framer, which appears in Lost Tales Volume 2 from Pegana Press.

Deluxe Edition  Hardbound edition, gray cotton cloth cover with inset paste down cover title.  Tiger design lakta end papers in blue from Nepal. 

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Lord Dunsany ~ The Lost Tales Series from Pegana Press