All three Lost Tales editions by Lord Dunsany in deluxe uniform hardback bindings with a custom matching slipcase.  Handbound in double woven cloth with Nepalese endpapers.

Publisher/Printer's Note.  When I originally printed The Emperor's Crystal, Lost Tales Volume 2, I wasn't very careful about counting pages when I cut paper and ended up with 5 copies that were missing 4 pages.  The copies have languished here until I was ready to face the daunting task of resetting the type for those 4 pages and printing them.  We are happy to add these 5 copies to our inventory, making The Lost Tales series available as a box set once again.  Note: Only two sets left.  If you've been thinking about buying these books, now is the time.  We are nearly sold out.  Allow 8 weeks to ship.


Lord Dunsany

The Lost Tales Collection 

Commentary from the Curator of Dunsany Castle.

One of the pleasures of my work as the literary curator for Dunsany is the time spent with dedicated publishers and scholars and for the last few years, a key part has been working with Mike (and Rita) to help with the latest volume in the Lost Tales series. This begins with screening for potential material. Mike has done his own research in magazines and newspapers, and then I bring ideas from reading through the grand spreadsheet of Dunsany work I made about 10 years ago, when the archive actually lived high in the attics, near the 18th Lord's writing room. We exchange scans, and Mike applies his publisher's instinct and knowledge of his customers, and narrows down the possibilities. We may go a couple of rounds on this level, also checking for uniqueness against the publishing record and other projects. Meantime Mike and Rita will have worked on design, typeface and paper selection, and layout. And then the amazing process of setting the book begins. This part I can only enjoy from afar, with some awe, as it requires true dedication to the art of printing. I have always loved books, and have a wide range of forms and editions, but the Pegana Press works are among the finest I have handled. Then on to the binding, and eventually, there it is, a new edition for the library at Dunsany Castle... Now, time to place an order for my own personal copy of this latest volume, and relax and look forward to its arrival too.

J.W. Doyle

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