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Stories need to be noticed, and then told or written down so they may come to life.  I like the term "magical realism" because magic happens in an ordinary day all the time.  The stories in Hearth & Heart are my perception of real life experiences, which can seem more like fiction than reality. 

--Rita Tortorello    

Hearth & Heart

          Tales of magical realism, Hearth & Heart is a collection of original short stories written by Rita Tortorello, and offered quarterly in zine format.  Though it's not letterpress, your purchase of Hearth & Heart helps  to support Pegana Press, small publishing and handmade books.  

Hearth & Heart

Volume 2


Autumn and Winter Editions

Volume 1


Summer and Autumn Editions


Vol 1 are the editions published in 2015 and Vol 2 are the editions published in 2017.  There were no H & H editions in 2016.