Hearth & Heart

2015 Summer and Autumn editions

Pegana Press Books

Volume 1  2015 Summer Edition


May Baskets

Stories To Be Carried

The Spider

A Conversation With The Moon

Bonus Story: Reading To The Faeries

Original short stories and illustrations by Rita Tortorello, with collage throughout.  Black and white photo copied paper zine, sewn with linen thread.  Half page size.  21 pages total plus 4 page tiny book.


Volume 1 2015 Autumn Edition


A Fairy Tale From 1969


There Be Giants

​Sky (poem)

A Hallowe'en Recollection

Bonus Story: The Witch's Children

Original short stories with photos and illustration by Rita Tortorello, with collage throughout.
Photo copied paper zine, hand sewn with linen thread. Black and white with some full color pages.  Half page size.  32 pages total plus a micro story/tiny book included as a book within a book.